I foster courage with experiences, questions and design.
Nervous Means Do It. 


Your throat tightens and the heat rises in your chest. You feel your hands get a little tingly and you hear your insides say "nope." And all you hear is the ringing of "do I? Or is this reckless? Is this going to be the moment I topple my boat and sink into the depths of bad decision? Am I making the worst decision?!" And you are paralyzed in that indecision. Reach into that feeling and rumble around with your hands, is it nervous you're feeling? Or scared? Scared means ask for help and lean into the help that appears. Nervous means growth. Nervous means never been there before and
it looks fine, but who knows.

Nervous means do it.



I'm born from the wild spaces of the west.

I take photos. 
I engineer questions.
I am a coach and a teammate. 
I am a traveler and a space maker.
I am a idea generator and a problem solver.

I'm driven by the mission to leave spaces and teams better than when they found me.


If your mission is big,
the adventure is wild and if all of

it makes you a little nervous.
I want to work with you.