Mei Ratz

I am a question and experience designer. A communication designer. I am using photographs, questions, and custom content to build narratives and solve problems. 

I am interested in the conversations we make room for as community, the questions we should and want to ask, the experiences that make us look deeper and learn,
and looking more honestly at the lines that connect and divide us. 


meiratzphotography@gmail.com // 307.349.3130 // http://mratz.com // IG & Twitter: @meiratz


Pacific Northwest College of Art Portland, OR, USA. 

BFA - Communication Design Aug.2010-May.2014


Colorado State University Ft.Collins, CO, USA

Biology / Social Work Aug.2007-May.2009

Work History


Global / NYC May 2016 - Feb 2017

Chief Question & Conversation Engineer / Photographer / Narrative builder

Crafted questions and feedback/praise to better guide, match and facilitate more authentic connection in online spaces. 


Mei Ratz Strategy & Design

Global Aug.2009-Current

Owner / Producer / Project Manager / Designer / Photographer / Videographer / PR & Marketing

Clients include: Adobe, Betwixt.Us, ClimbStrong, Wyofile, Thought House, Globe Sherpa, Janam Peace Building, Pitch Engine, Lander School Dist#1, Cowfish, Wyoming Shakespeare Festival Company, Wayne State University, Elemental Fitness, Food Corps, National Outdoor Leadership School, Kane Consulting, Wilderness Medicine Inst, RS Energy and 600+ other non-corporate clients. 

Current personal project: The Wanting Party - A multi-faceted support system of experiences to encourage and their wants to surge forward and push back.


Juliet Zulu

Portland, OR Aug.2014-Dec.2014

Contracted designer and social strategy building


Janam Peace Building

Kenya, Africa Nov.2012-Current

Mentor / Photographer / Information and Story Gatherer


The Wanting Party // 2016- // A series of curated themed dinners with curated questions to encourage conversation and support around women and their wants.
Nervous Means Do It // 2015- //  A motto, lifestyle, objects inspired by a growth mindset and choosing the things that make us nervous. 
The Hardest Question // 2016-2017 //  An interview and photo series of asking strangers the hardest question.
The Green Parkas // 2015-2017 //  Photo series of two high school swim teams to showcase the everyday courage of high school athletes when put under the pressure of being 21 time state champions. 
The Women of ELMTL // 2017 //  A photo series about women and their relationship with their bodies, the gym, and the words they label themselves with. 
Freesolo // 2014-2015 // A multi-faceted approach to encouraging women to travel solo. 
Be Organized // 2014 // A 24 hour production for 1 company to make a year's worth of marketing product.

Internship & Other Positions

Saga City Publishing Group Portland, OR, USA

Photographer Jun.2012-Oct.2012

PNCA Gallery Coordinator Sep-2013-May.2014
PNCA Student Council Treasurer Aug.2011-Jan.2014

PNCA BFA Show Coordinator Dec.2011-May.2012

Young Photographer’s Association

Mentee / Winner of “Best Overall Project” May.2013-Sep.2013

Rotary Youth Leadership Award

Director / Team Lead / Project Manager Jul.2005-Jul.2009

Div 1 College Athlete

Swimming - Full Ride Scholarship Aug.2007-May.2009

*For more detailed information about work history and references, please contact me.