Conversation & 
Experience Engineer


Experiences are what change people. 
They are what we remember in the fabric of our being and they are what motivate us to change or carry on. 

I build experiences. I craft questions. I present moments. 
I look for the holes. This life isn't about maintaining, it's about surging. 

I enjoy the work of finding the experience that will challenge and change. I want to be in rooms of people supporting and learning. I will be the person who asks harder questions and encourages courage. This work is about choosing hard experiences to produce trust and grit. This work is about providing spaces for conversations that will change environments. This work is about questions and the space to hear the answers. 

Ask harder questions. 
Build the room to hear the answers. 
Let the experiences change you. 



"So, what do you do?"

I form questions.

I think about connection and conversation and what they have to do with building community. 
I answer questions.
I craft spaces, conversations, tools and questions that encourage courage.

I am a conversation and experience engineer.


"Who do you work with?"

People who want to be challenged
People who want harder questions
People who look for experiences that will change their inner fabric
People who want to feel something
People who believe in the power of courage in conversation and trust

"Where do you live?"

If you're sending me mail: Wyoming
If you're looking for me: Global